Alienmotion is an animation middleware which allows you to edit your animations in a data-driven way, Try it now and see how much time you will save...


  • Action graph
  • Action driven graph node
  • Sequence node
  • Selector node
  • Random node
  • Adder node
  • Mixer node
  • Left-right mixer node
  • Event editor
  • Simulation mode
  • Property controlled nodes
  • C++ runtime
  • Ogre 1.7 driver
  • Ogre 1.8 driver
  • AlienMotion allows us to create different animation settings in a fluent way through its flexible blend tree system. With its run time capabilities, it makes a solid bridge between art and technical teams, which allows animators to have full control over the end result animations and helps them to achieve the best result.
    Peyman Massoudi - Technical Animator and Lead Animator.DeadMage
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  • Hi Friends, you love Alienmotion and don't know where you can express your happiness of using such a great tool then leave a testimonial here.
    Ugo RobainChemical Games